Visconti Michelangelo Fountain Pen - Black

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Visconti Michelangelo Fountain Pen - Black € 360,00
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In order to develop Michelangelo collection Visconti was inspired by ancient Greece with an extremely elegant shape, as difficult to realize, as much to represent a must of stylographic art.
Thanks to Visconti technicians and to a new technology, they were able to realize a faceted shape composed by 36 sides (within the cap and the barrel), tapered on the two extremities.
Michelangelo is probably the first pen realized with 36 faces that makes it looks like more as a diamond than to a writing object: the value of a diamond, after the weighing in carats, is in fact due to the quality cut and the number of faces.
Just rotate the pen in your hands to realize it!
Visconti, the more innovative pensí company of the world, could not create a new model without adding even two ulterior technical and aesthetical motifs: the magnetic closing, and the band with double incision.
It is sufficient to post the cap that you will feel, the perfect clip, the strain and the security of the magnetic locking system that was further improved. The band has a decorative design of a double Greek key composed by the V of extraordinary elegance of the Visconti brand.
At the end the two colours are classic but elegant: with black we had combined a plum colour bronze trims, absolutely innovative and very elegant indeed, while at the blue-black colour (like the one of the ink) we have combined the palladium trims!
- Material: Natural resin
- Locking System: magnetic
- Filling System: converter
- Pen Nib: Gold 14kt

Code: 294N
Writing mode: Fountain Pen


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