Why the prices are lower than in stores?
Operating costs are lower for an online store that for a store in a mall for example. In addition, we tried to eliminate intermediaries, working directly with the manufacturers in many cases. Thus the prices offered by us can reach to 40% less than in a store.

Can I find the same products in other stores?
Some products you will find in other stores, but quite many products you can find only in our online shop. In addition, the selection of the products is made by Gentlemen's Corner with maximum care and hopefully with taste.

Why should I pay so much on a shirt?
Gentlemen's Corner shirts worth the investment because of the materials, which are made from the finest Egyptian cotton, because of the attention to detail and the manner of packaging; all these elements and many others transform our shirts in a fine gift that you can give it to yourself or will impress anyone.

How do I know that the described material is genuine?
A special material is different to the touch, has an elegant shine, and while wearing you will feel the difference. In addition, our partners (J & R Enterprises - Seroussi brand, Alea - shirts manufacturer or Seta Como - ties manufacturer) are well-known companies that export the highest quality products in many countries such as Italy, Spain etc. The products are accompanied by original fabrics manufacturer's labels, certifying the origin and composition.

What are the differences between Gentlemen's Corner shirts and the other shirts on the market?
You first know exactly what you are investing in, from the exact type of cotton used (origin, type, fabric, finesse) to the technical details of the shirt (collar, cuff, buttons, etc.). Our shirts are using the finest materials from the best weaving mills in the world, Tessitura Monti or Albini, only 100% cotton, 1-ply or 2-ply. View Gentlemen's Corner Collections.

On the market I have always found shirts which had the right neck size, but with short sleeves or not enough length. Your shirts have the same problem?
No, our shirts are generously tailored. Check the size guide. Gentlemen's Corner shirts are cut in the classic manner (Classic Fit) or in modern manner New Classic Fit, Tailor Fit & Slim Fit and have a generous sleeve length and shirt length. The shirt will not get out of the pants when you bend and your forearm will not be uncovered at the first movement.

The shirts are shrinking by washing them?
The materials were prewashed just to prevent the shrinkage. However it is possible that after 4-5 washes shirt to reach final size, but the differences are almost imperceptible.

How can I take care of a cotton shirt?
1.Shirts you can buy from us are 100% cotton.
2.Check the care label in the shirt. Most are washable but shirts labeled 'dry clean only' should be sent to a reputable dry cleaner.
3.Check the label in the shirt for the correct washing temperature and wash either by hand or by machine. Washing shirt will conform to the instructions on the label. So do not use a high water temperature not to cause a premature aging of the material.
4.Wash dark colors separately using a color-safe detergent.
5.Remember to remover collar stiffeners prior to washing.
6.Do not tumble dry, spin or wring water out of the shirts after washing.
7.For ease of ironing, always iron shirts whilst still damp, using a hot iron
8.When pressing collars, always iron away from the points to avoid creasing.
9.Note that the collar bust be ironed without stiffeners and the double cuff must be stretched, so the buttonholes to sit exactly on top of each other.
10.Dark colors are best ironed from the reverse side.
11.Shirts are kept best on the hanger.

How can I take care of a suit?
1.The suits you can buy from us are 100% wool or wool blend with silk.
2.To not deform the pockets, try to wear as little in side pockets.
3.Brush your suit after each wearing with a natural brush.
4.After wearing, put it unbuttoned on a wide, slightly curved hanger.
5.Do not keep the suit for a long time in the wardrobe, the air does him good.
6.Do not wear the same outfit every day, the wool should "rest" more or will lose its brightness and qualities.
7.Cleaning of the suit is made following the instructions on the label and only when is really necessary. It is preferable to address to specialized centers.

How can I take care of a tie?
1.The ties that you can buy from us are 100% silk.
2.Do not tie it too tight.
3.Always store ties untied.
4.Ties are best preserved on a special hanger - stretched or slightly rolled
5.Never iron a tie.
6.Although you can send your ties to a dry cleaner, you may also use a reputable stain remover product, available from most chemists. If the mark is water-based, first let it dry, then rub the stain remover over the mark in the direction of the weave of the fabric. If the spot is proving particularly stubborn, steam the stained area before applying the stain remover. To keep their shape, always dry ties flat.

Belts, wallets and briefcases are made of genuine leather?
Yes, leather is top quality and is imported from Italy. It's the same type of leather used in the manufacture of products of famous brands, as Renato Balestra and Ettore Bugatti.

Why is the product I want not available?
On rare occasions an item will show as being in stock when you place your order and you will receive a confirmation of this, but when we try to locate it in our distribution centre it is no longer there. We are very sorry if this has happened to you. It doesn't happen often, and we keep working on ways to ensure it will never happen in the future. You will never be charged for an item that is not sent to you.

Do you offer gift packaging ?
Gentlemen`s Corner shirts, ties and cufflinks are provided in beautiful gift boxes, ready to be a delightful present. No additional cost is necessary. We don`t offer any other wrapping (ribbons, special gift paper, gift cards) for our products.

What currency do you accept ?
We accept payment in Euro(€).
Customers should be aware that a credit card issuer may charge a transaction fee for customers not purchasing in their home currency.

I believe my card may have been used fraudulently to purchase goods from Gentlemen`s Corner.
In the unlikely event that a transaction should happen involving fraudulent use of your card on our site, you should in the first instance contact your credit card company so that they can take the necessary steps to protect your card and reimburse you. You can rely on us to work with the credit card company to minimize any unnecessary hassle for you.

How do I search for a product?
You can find out if we sell a product by typing in the product name in the search bar at the top this page.

When will my credit/debit card be charged?
Your credit/debit card will only be charged at the time your order ships.


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