About us

Gentlemen`s Corner® is an European Community Trade Mark.
Gentlemen's Corner online store is owned by Verso Trust S.R.L., Blvd. Dacia no. 119, s. 2, Bucharest, Romania. Our brand portofolio includes suits, shirts, cufflinks, ties, bow ties, pocket squares, shoes and leather goods.

The product range expands every day. Gentlemen's Corner offers not only products with unique design, exclusive materials of the highest quality, carefully tailored, but also a way of life. Our offer is: quality products at a fair price. Gentlemen's Corner products come in a variety that combines style and good taste. We are always open to new ideas for products and services. Gentlemen's Corner aim is to create a special relationship with those who chose us in their preferences.

Gentlemen`s Corner Partners
We work with world-known manufacturers. Among our most important partners are Cotonificio Albini, Alea Fashion Industries, J&R Enterprises, Vitale Barberis Canonico.

J&R Enterprises Group is among the first manufacturers of garments in Europe, that can produce millions of men`s suits and trousers, women`s blouses and trousers. The high quality of clothing, reliability in delivery orders, factories equipped with modern machinery made 90% of production to be exported to Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia to customers holding world famous brands such as Baumler, Brax, Bruno Saint Hilaire, Creation Gross, Digel, Gardeur, Gerry Weber, IC Company, Marzotto, Savannah, Frankenwalder, Drykorn. J&R Enterprises owns the Seroussi trademark and production and distribution exclusivity for Pierre Cardin clothing for Romania, Moldova, Israel and Hungary.

Alea Fashion Industries is a clothes company with a particular focus on shirt-making. With a long experience and equipped with modern machinery, manufacturing shirts for partners from all over the world, working with famous fashion brands, Alea can guarantee exquisite quality.

We work only with manufacturers that make ties for famous fashion brands. Using special fabrics with an exceptional variety of colors, our ties are a true example of elegance and refinement.

Leather Goods
Using only the best quality leather from Italy, working for such names as Renato Balestra, Ettore Bugatti or Pierre Cardin, our manufacturers provide us with best quality products.


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