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We can not speak of bespoke shirts without a variety of fabrics and models of collars, cuffs, threads, buttons, etc.
The first step in creating a bespoke shirt is the choice of fabric.

Gentlemen's Corner uses different types of fabrics from Cotonificio Albini/Thomas Mason. These beautiful fabrics look and feel different, with various compositions (mainly 100% cotton) and many patterns.
The next step involves choosing the type of collar, cuffs, buttons, buttonholes, pleats, pocket.
We can embroidered monograms that can be placed anywhere on the shirt.
The final step, extremely important, is taking the measurements, a special moment, almost a ritual in all types of custom tailoring.
Measure circumference of neck, chest, waist, hips, sleeve length, circumference of the arms and wrists, back width (distance between the shoulders), shirt length, shoulder circumference.
We use 3 cuts: classic fit, comfortable fit or slim fit.

We can manufacture shirts using your own shirt that will fit perfectly, in this case there is no need to take your body measurements. You will have to measure your shirt.
Maximum making time is 4-5 weeks, but average time is 2-3 weeks.

Albini Classic Express
Alongside the seasonal collection, Cotonificio Albini believes in the importance of supplying its Customers with the Made in Italy style and quality coupled with a fast delivery service. The Albini Classic Express collection has 1,200 classic variations, already in stock, of mainly standard colours and 38 items that will satisfy classic, sporty and urban preferences.

Thomas Mason Goldline
Great respect for tradition, continuous research for the elegant classical taste, maniacal attention to quality, from the choice of yarns to the finishes. A Goldline fabric offers all the pleasure of a shirt that is unique in its appearance, touch and performance.

David & John Anderson's collection
DJA has a wide choice of fabrics, with extremely fine yarns from the highest counts both in cotton and in linen. The fabrics for DJA shirt making, made with Giza 45 cotton, today start from a count of 170/2 and the majority of production is in 200/2. In 2008 and 2009 the Albini Groups managed to produce incredibly fine poplin fabrics: 240/2 and 300/2 (Cullinan).

Albini Classic Express
1 SHIRT - €70-120
Thomas Mason Goldline
1 SHIRT - FROM €160
David & John Anderson
General Discount

Albini DJ Anderson Thomas Mason


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